Spy Gadgets – Thanks to Digital Technology

Spy gadgets are those devices used by detectives in capturing various images and videos during any suspect moves. You might have initially seen all these gadgets in James bond movies. These spy gadgets have become very common now days. You can find these gadgets with many people may be just for fun not necessarily with detectives. With the development in technology and digital world, these are plenty. You can find such gadgets in many devices which you might not have been imagined so far. These gadgets are now popular with a car keys. Cameras attached with binoculars, cameras along with pen are some of the common examples.

Spy gadgets are available in market in different forms. You can buy this either from a store or you can buy online. There are certain things to be noted while buying them. You have to check with clarity of cameras attached with the gadget. The standard gadget must be able to capture and display both images and videos with high clarity. Most of the gadgets come with a USB cable enabling you to connect the equipment either to a television or to a computer. Some of the expensive gadgets are also having inbuilt screen on it enabling you to playback the recordings in case if you want to clarify anything. Children will be more excited on hearing about them. You might be surprising to know that it is possible for every child to make his own spy camera or another spy gadget easily by following certain rules. There are many websites on internet giving instructions on developing a spy gadget from your home without spending much.

While trying to purchase a spy gadget through internet you should be careful on the website you choose. You will definitely come across certain websites assuring free shipping of the gadget to your place. It is definitely clear that the shipping charges are already added along with the actual price of the gadget. Also you should check on to the time gap taken by the website in responding to you after you sent an email. If its genuine website, they will respond within 48 to 72 hours at most. Another important factor to be noted is regarding the security measures taken by the website for doing online transaction for purchase of the gadget. Make sure that you see a lock icon at the bottom of the page or the web address should start with HTTPS indicating secure website where you enter the credit card details. If you do not find either of these, it is always requested to stop all the dealings with that website to avoid the risk.

Thus spy gadgets are becoming popular in many ways and every person who dreams to own one of them is almost turning to reality with the advancement in digital technology.

Creating Google Gadgets

Google gadgets are small modules of functionality (e.g. a clock, a game, etc.) that can be added to Blogger blogs, Google’s personalized iGoogle pages, and other places on the web. You can even add them to your own website. Most users of Blogger are familiar with at least three of these objects. The default list of Blogger templates automatically come with Followers, Blog Archive, and About Me gadgets installed. The Followers gadget allows people to connect themselves to blogs by signing on as followers. The Blog Archive gadget displays old blog posts. The About Me gadget displays a blogger’s profile.

There are hundreds of thousands of gadgets that have been developed and made publicly available. Google has a directory of gadgets that can be added to your Blogger site or to a website hosted outside of Blogger. It’s obvious that Google promotes the development of new gadgets. They have even developed an extensive programming interface to allow independent web developers to tap in to their system.

What is a Google Gadget?

Google gadgets are made up ultimately of an XML file, which gives instructions to Google regarding the configuration of your gadget. To submit a gadget to Google, you simply enter the URL of the location where your gadget XML file exists and click submit. Google finds your gadget, verifies that it works correctly, and then adds your gadget to its database so that it can be presented to millions of gadget users across the Internet.

Gadgets can be as simple as a line of text, as in the following “Hello, world” example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><module><moduleprefs title="hello world example"></moduleprefs><content type="html"></content></module>

On the other hand, gadgets can be complicated pieces of JavaScript code that run Flash applications and interact with databases. The complexity of your gadget determines to some extent its usefulness. Depending upon your intentions for developing a gadget, you may need to improve your JavaScript, Flash, and other programming skills. If you create an appealing gadget and submit it to be included in Google’s directory, it could mean a lot of traffic for your website.
Google publishes a fair amount of technical information to help gadget developers. You can read more information about developing gadgets at Google’s gadget page: http://code.google.com/apis/gadgets/

Gadgets To Help Save Our Environment – Towards A Greener, Cleaner Planet

Transportation is a major contributor to pollution and the green house effect that is leading to global warming culminating in the melting of the polar ice caps and the heating of the environment as a whole. The fuel emissions from internal combustion vehicles are a major contributor to green house gases. An innovation called the ‘Scrubber’ is fitted on to the exhaust of polluting vehicles to reduce the pollutant emissions. The scrubber is nothing but a water filled container that is fitted on to the exhaust line of the vehicle with an electronic pump to force the exhaust out through the water filled tank. This liquid treated with some chemicals, removes the carbon monoxide from the exhaust and the suspended particulates as well. The result is almost no pollution into the environment. The liquid is later treated and disposed of.

Conventional fire-extinguishers use ozone depleting agents to extinguish fires. Airbus has developed an eco-friendly fire extinguisher that does not use Halon as the extinguishing agent. This extinguisher is manufactured by Siemens for in-flight fire extinguishers. The eco-friendly extinguisher will finally make it into the market for conventional use in buildings and homes.

A lot needs to be done to develop gadgets that will help us to protect our environment. Government Agencies here is an opportunity for you to fund research in this area. Additionally economic incentives for people to use eco friendly gadgets will also go far. This could take the form of sales tax / VAT exemption on eco friendly gadgets or tax rebates on your Income Tax return for use of higher priced eco friendly gadgets.

Cool Gadget Gifts

For this article we wanted to pick some cool gadget gifts. These gifts are perfect for those techie guys who love to stay on the cutting edge. If you know who we’re talking about then you’ll appreciate these gift ideas. When it comes to gadget gifts we know they can be expensive. Since they’re usually the latest and greatest technology. The worst part about that is technology is always changing. What’s popular now might not be in a few years. However that didn’t stop us from coming up with this list. For the most part we think we did a good job. We hope you like our gift suggestions we know we enjoyed writing about them.

#3 Nook

There is a variety of reasons to recommend a Nook. If you’ve never heard of a Nook before it’s an eReader that holds and stores eBooks (electronic books). The main reason we recommended the Nook is because it cuts demand for pulp products. Which is a lot better for the environment. On top of benefiting the environment it also benefit’s the consumer in a variety of different ways. The Nook can store thousands of eBooks and can even get you discounts on books. Since you don’t have to pay the printing cost associated with books.

#2 iPhone

This second gadget gift is probably one of our favorites. The reason being is that it pays for itself. When you buy the iPhone you’re getting an entire community of people who like to develop applications for it. What that means is people develop free applications and allow you to download them through the iTunes store. Some of the are entirely free of charge while others charge you a premium. The best part is the iPhone actually has more developers than any other smartphone on the market. As for the benefits you can store all of your music, download free games, and even watch your favorite videos. The only downside is signing a contract with AT&T.

#1 Alien Computer

For our last gift suggestion we’re going to suggest one of the greatest gaming devices known the man. Each alien computer is built with gaming in mind. Which means you’re getting the absolute best graphic cards, processors, and memory. The only problem with this gift suggestion is that it actually cost a lot of money. It’s actually the most expensive gift item on this list. However if you’re man is a gamer then he’s guaranteed to love it.

Latest Gadgets Reviewed – Dissecting the Technology

Technology has literally taken over the reins of human life at present and it is almost impossible to perceive a life without the assistance of the many gadgets we use today. From a mobile phone to a printer or fax machine, we are dependent on technology on almost every front and rely on these technological feats to get through our day. There is a host of new technologies and gadgets being developed that take the quality of life to a whole new level and lend a supporting hand to our day to day functioning. Here we discuss some such gadgets and the technology behind them and how they make life more convenient.

Green Engines- Since the advent of automobiles, toxic and harmful emissions have been the single biggest worry for scientists and environmentalists alike. With modern technology coming to the rescue, experts have now successfully developed green engines that will not only resolve the problem of emissions but also prove to be a respite for the limited reserves of fossil fuels thus making life more convenient and sustainable. These green engines are slowly making their way into the daily lives of people and will soon replace the traditional engines.

Meat Incubators- With the world facing a major crisis of food at the moment, meat incubators have come as a boon to solve the food problems of the world. These incubators are widely used today as a means to produce in-vitro meat products that would not require the slaughtering of animals and thus help keep the ecological balance. Meat incubators also enable the ample provision of food products for the growing population and keep a maintained level of sanitation in the process so as to provide quality and healthy food.

Guided Missiles- Security has emerged as one of the major concerns of the modern day. With terrorist threats looming over our heads every minute and weapons of mass destruction being amassed at an alarming rate, loss of lives is almost imminent. But this can be avoided using guided missiles that use remote technology to be guided to the destination. These unmanned missiles can be set up to target and have capabilities to destroy enemy bases from a great distance.

Bio-computers- Bio-computers are an extension of the genetic and electronic sciences combined. They utilize genetic codes instead of the traditional integrated and electronic circuits to allow the flow of current and generating computing capabilities.

These are some of the latest technologies doing rounds at the moment. While some of these may seem too far-fetched to be real, these are all under various stages of development and testing. Once perfected, they will be an immense boon to the future of humanity.